Which is not even close to enough

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I'm honestly shocked that they even responded to this. The one thing which Mut 21 coins makes me cautiously optimistic is how they stated they would give updates about the modifications prior to the games launch, I was fully expecting a"We are too near start to generate any adjustments, but it's something we'll look at to the future". Hopefully this really gets shit done. Do not expect too much (if any) change before launch date. 1 month isn't enough time to check items. IF they give the franchise community some thing, expect it to be patched in throughout the year. I see people requesting radio shows and newspapers and such but when they added these, it would be adding chocolate sauce into three scoops of compost.

They can literally mend franchise style with patches. Unless we see substantial improvements throughout Madden 21, they are filled with shit. As they are. Sad thing is nobody is going to hold off buying the game, and that's exactly what it might take for them to really make the sport better. Just like we are requesting you to correct fundamental franchise mode characteristics you have literally had in previous years. We been whining about this shit for many years so we'll see. I won't believe a word until I have a legitimate franchise style in my display. Actively working on bolstering plans to encourage franchise in Buy Madden nfl 21 coins and beyond. I believe it's too late for Madden 21 but they get the message that Franchise mode has to be the focus in Madden 22. They are going to need to win all the players that they alienated this past year.