Ranged- Visit the Living Rock Caverns

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Slayer- Do Smoking Kills quest when you haven't already. Use either your highest or RS gold next highest levelled slayer master you can, but always the finest every five jobs for more slayer points. Farming- Do farming runs about once an hour, however, try to get at least one a day, even if you only can get on for 15 minutes. Herbs are great cash, others are for exp and not neccasary if you want to be really frugal.

Woodcutting- Try to make use of a dragon axe as soon as you can. You can switch to mahogony whenever you desire. Quicker exp is ivies at level 68, since the maxed exp an hour at the hardgrove with level 99 wc plus a dragon axe is 40k wc exp, but in addition 60k fm exp, while ivies below precisely the same condition can reach 100k.

Ranged- Visit the Living Rock Caverns, and go south as much as you can in the entrance. There's a spot that's just 1 block broad, but it's two blocks long, so go in it. 2 meelee living rocks spawn in range from there, and are too wide to get to you. Use best ranged bonus with magical steel and short arrows. Bring some food for crises. Hunter- Trap swamp lizards until you can switch to orange salamaders. Fletching- Cut your own maple logs and fletch them in to longbows, I believe you have unlocked these. String them later and sell to the ge.

Yews will probably be exceedingly slow all the way to 99 likely averaging nearer to 25k exp/hr. In members you can use a dragon hatchet for 15% boost in rate but this is hardly significant considering the time already spent. Obviously that isn't account sharing since it wasn't intentional and you did not want it to happen, but I don't see why you inquire us every example of rule-breaking on your accounts... You'd never get banned for buy OSRS gold something like this anyways. I know that... but I want to be 100% untrue. Take Mic for example... perfect account even though he may not possess 1B. I wan na na be perfect. Perfection is the thing that makes me talented.