Light Box Cloth Is Widely Used In Indoor Publicity

Post-lighting light box cloth is used to make post-light source light boxes


Post-lighting light box cloth is used to make post-light source light boxes, and its light transmittance is generally between 25% and 35%. Such light boxes are mostly medium and small, and are mostly used to make roadside light boxes, store door light boxes and indoor publicity light boxes. Generally, the area is small, not exceeding 100 square meters.

Front lighting light box cloth is used to make front light source light box, and its light transmittance is generally between 5% and 10%. This type of light box is more resistant to typhoons, so it is mostly used to make large outdoor light boxes, such as building billboards, highway light boxes, and urban Optimus Prime light boxes. At present, large outdoor light boxes between 100-400 square meters in China mostly use this kind of light cloth.

The grid cloth is designed and made according to the typhoon climate area. Because the surface of this kind of material is densely arranged with many meshes, the wind can pass through the surface of the light cloth, so it can greatly reduce the pressure of the typhoon on the light box, so that the picture can achieve longer outdoor use effect. Because of this feature, grid cloth is mostly used to make super large sign advertisements and architectural advertisements.

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