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In time for the Christmas vacation, Madden 21 coins Ultimate Team enthusiasts got a significant"W" in the shape of three of those all-time best. That includes the return of individual cheat code Michael Vick into the game, as he's become an annual installment for MUT rosters. He arrived in the Legends advertising and now has a much greater thing in The 50.

The former Falcons and Eagles QB gets a new 96 overall card as part of The 50 promotion for Week 14. Vick brings 97 Throw Electricity, 95 Speed, 95 Run, 93 Deep Accuracy, and 90 Twist Under Pressure attributes. Joining Vick with fresh 96 OVR things are Randy Moss and Deion Sanders.

Gamers can put together a set of 32 of the 86-or-better overall Fresh Player cards. These can go into sets to exchange for Michael Vick, Deion Sanders, or even Randy Moss. That's 1 method to get them, since there are also packs and also the Auction House. Currently, those auction listings take some high prices based on the grade of these celebrities. Vick's cards are as low as 670,000 Cheap Mut 21 coins on PS4 at the moment but could go up to a million Coins in some cases. For Moss, expect to pay somewhat over 500,000 Coins, while Deion is yanking almost 800,000 Coins, for the greatest of the 3 participant items.