Hand it to him and then turns to the devious Zammorak

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Your entire spaces will be filled with RS gold the robes(except weapon and sheild which you may fill yourself) if you encounter without the complete robe the guy Yells at youpersonally. Entrance guard: HEY, I can't allow you , you will need the full armor to get in! I dropped it. Entrance protector: I will tell your lying! Receive the armor NOW! Entrance guard: I see, Here you go. NOTE: You cannot find another set or exchange it, so nobody will abuse the bug by dropping it one the floor over and over again.

Tournament guy: All these conflicts will determin that god gets the new land called Draren Island, the first roundup is (your name) symbolizing his God ( gods title ) vs Drake representing (Different God here) Drake: I will fight for your honer of my god. Drake is level 50, you need to have the ability to stop him easily beacuse his weapon is simply mith and his best hit is 5 and hp is 30.

The island has the other god places so that you can't get the additional ones, the God armor shop which you'll be able to buy the other sets of god material, for example, god swords and weapons. A Magic store which gets you the basics, law, nature, cosmic and another God robes that Buy 2107 runescape gold you get in the tourny. An assortment store, in which you get javalins, bows, throwing weapons, arrows, And stove god clothes.