Force Unleashed is backwards compatible

Force Unleashed is backwards compatible


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It isn’t clear what scanning all these objects does outside of delivering the game’s lore, but it’s a good change of pace. The grimoire cards were a nice way to expand your understanding of the world in the first Destiny, but they required you to leave the game to read them. In Destiny 2, these scannable object will give you bite-sized chunks of lore as you explore the landscape on missions or as you wander around social hubs.

If you’re already a Gold subscriber and feeling a bit left out, it’s worth remembering as of today you can now grab two more Games with Gold. Project Cars is available from today through to March 15, while for Xbox 360 owners, The Force Unleashed is free until February 28. Force Unleashed is backwards compatible, too, so if you’re on Xbox One, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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