RSgoldfast - They are possible Runescape monsters from levels 1-360

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Shadow twist: 1 elemantal rune and one calyctic rune, Allows you to walk through walls (not like the obstacles ) level 10 magical --I think good but that OSRS gold is technically glitching because like you cant usually do that too how would you use this spell? Click the spell then click wall??? Bizarre...

Shooting star: 3 calyctic runes and 1 elemantal rune: creats a celebrity witch you can launch at any time by clicking on the spell again, auto finds enemy level 15 harm 1-5 you auto locate AND harm him? This can be improved on except make it such as level 20 or something.

Meteor warp: fires a meteor through wals in a direct line just 4 calyctic runes 10 damage lvl 30--and u damage that guy right? ... Maybe. Ice Bomb: imbune you teleport orb with ice hockey and throws it to suspend the victimlvl 35 lol cool idea. Night shade: if strikes then it blinds the opponent for 10 seconds 4 c and 3 e lvl 50 fine...

Meteor storm: shoots three stars and a meteor wich does 2-10 damage;v; 50 wayyyyyyyyy too repeated maybe the first one work and only the first one. Style burst, ultima: complete battle: it shoots 2 stars in the air then conveys an energy lance and then blasts a meteor warp then utilizes nightshade and then teleports to the foe and then slashes him lvl 60 so that Runescape gold 2107 this is member only right??? lol what do u mean slash him? You're using meteor and something like. A number of them are weird, not realistic, too strong, or merely useless. . .like the ones where you simply tele to a person and hit them that they dont want THREE of them you can just buy 2 or 1 (then 1st and the 3rd)