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He is level 108 with 450HP, making it a little OSRS gold struggle to kill. Throughout the fight, guards can enter the room and strike you. When he is dead, talk to the Hostage, and scale out the window and then run to the exit, with numerous level 35's which range you. There can, occasionally, be around 20 guards attacking youpersonally, so be cautious and fast. When you depart, you'll be given a reward: Money, a Rune item, Runes, or even a Kandarin Shield, equivalent to Adamant, and will let you get to a place where 3 Hostage Guards are resting, to kill.

Expertise (This is not, I repeat not a fantastic method of gaining experience as you will notice you may simply be gaining 1/8 of the normal experience as you normally do [4 Exp * 1/8 =.5 Exp Per Damage]) The Good Sides (Not many but hell who cares?) Drops( The monsters will drop at precisely the same rate they always do, and yes ring of riches will still have an effect on fall rates) Bank (You can build a financial institution booth at the begginning of the dungeon.) Experience (If you are patient enough I guess that is okay for experience, it'd drive me insane though.)

Slayer (This will still count as a slayer task, however please note if you want to add a Buy rs3 gold slayer monster to the dungeons You Have to have the correct Slayer Level to add and kill the creature [Ex: 85 slayer to add and kill Abby Demons])