Is Shampoo In PET Shampoo Bottle Better Than Soap

Many of us cannot use (and occasionally discard) those shampoos and conditioners in our lives. The question then becomes, do we insist on using the bottle because it is a better product, or just because we keep doing it?


One of the latest trends in hair care is to replace traditionalthe shampoo in PET ShampooBottle. Or just the shampoo Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle ,Compared to bottles, bars provide many benefits, including reduced waste, increased value, and more convenient storage/portability.

Many of us cannot use (and occasionally discard) those shampoos and conditioners in our lives. The question then becomes, do we insist on using the bottle because it is a better product, or just because we keep doing it?

With this in mind, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of shampoo sticks and shampoo bottles, and see which one is best for you!

The benefits of shampoo bar vs shampoo bottle

Shampoo reduces plastic waste
Shampoo has an indisputable benefit, it can never be compared with the bottle: shampoo requires less packaging and has less impact on the environment.

National Geographic recommends that you throw away the shampoo bottle in a recent guide and replace it with a bar. The packaging of shampoo bottles requires a lot of plastic, and shampoo sticks are usually packaged without plastic.

Many shampoo bars use only reusable and biodegradable recycled paper packaging. Sadly, the plastic waste crisis is a very real thing. The shampoo bar is a small way to help reduce plastic waste in daily life.

Shampoo bar vs travel bottle
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is everyone's favorite government agency. Wait, no, I think we might have misunderstood. TSA's guidance on liquid products (such as shampoo) is so strict that the sole purpose of the entire industry is to sell small shampoo bottles and other toiletries!

Since the shampoo is not liquid, it will not be subject to such checks when traveling. This makes the shampoo stick very suitable for travel. You will not have to determine whether your fluid is above the 3.4 fluid ounce threshold.

The bar is also very sturdy, and you won't run the risk of spilling shampoo on such brand new clothes!

Get the best price from hair care products
About 80% of traditional shampoos consist of water. Yes-the products that all of us have used for decades are only 1/5 of the active ingredients. To be clear, this is not an evil plan. Bottled shampoo needs high moisture to achieve the desired consistency and get good lather.

Shampoo excludes the water and let you provide it yourself. This will produce a product without fillers and a longer service life. Shampoos usually consist only of oils and active hair care ingredients.

The benefits of shampoo bar vs shampoo bottle

Consider paint. Most paints are water-based or oil-based paints and are packed in tubes. These will be used up quickly because they are used in exactly the same way. However, watercolor can last a long time with only a small amount of dry paint!

Shampoo bar and shampoo frequently asked questions
How are shampoo bars made?
The method of shampoo is very similar to traditional soap. There are soap bars produced in batches and soap bars in small batches. Consider choosing to use cold-pressed hand-made shampoo sticks, which are produced in small batches.

Is the shampoo bar sustainable?
Absolutely! Compared with other hair care products, shampoo sticks have very sustainable packaging. In addition, it is entirely possible that shampoos are made from 100% sustainable ingredients.

Are traditional shampoos better than shampoos?
Traditional shampoo does offer an advantage over shampoo: this is the shampoo that most people or our hair are used to. Using shampoo sticks does require a short adaptation time, and the hair may become heavy, greasy or dull. This will pass soon!

Traditional shampoos deprive natural oils and cause your body to overreact. The adaptation period is caused by the healthy production of your hair to regulate its natural oils.

Is shampoo and shampoo really more suitable for hair care?
Everyone reacts differently, but in the long run, we think shampoo sticks will be better. They are natural, plastic-free, sustainable, have a high value, and are extremely effective as hair care products!